Our 14 speakers & Performers of TEDx[email protected] 2018!

Eng. Mohamed Amin

Title of the talk: "Technology's great impact on everything"

Mohamed Amin is a communication engineer, graduated from Alexandria University-2007. He had worked as a services business development manager at OrangeTM in EMEA and other mobile operators in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa region with the main focus on IP routing services, which has earned him the extensive experience to become one of the prominent figures in this field. Amin currently works in Egypt as the sales manager at NOKIATM and IEEE industry ambassador.

Dr. Sherif Kamal

Title of the talk: "Healthcare from different aspects"

Sherif Kamal is one of a second-generation Egyptian clinical pharmacist, with more than 15 years of experience in this field, involved in the planning, designing and implementation of pharmaceutical care in oncology centers as senior Clinical Pharmacy consultant. Sherif Kamal is the Director of Pharmaceutical Services at the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt. He is also a Clinical Pharmacy Consultant at Cairo University and Sina University. He earned his BS in Pharmacy, an MSc in Clinical Pharmacy and is currently a PhD candidate at the Cairo University School of Pharmacy. Sherif has also completed a visiting fellowship at St. Jude’s Children Hospital in the United States in 2008.

Ashraf Helal

Title of the talk: "You're not your head"

Ashraf is the Commercial Operations director at Vodafone Egypt and a member of senior leadership team of Vodafone Group. He enjoys a rich leadership and executive management profile built during his 24 years of experience in multinationals. Ashraf is an “Advanced Management program” graduate from Henley Business School – University of Reading – UK and holds a Dialogical Coaching Diploma from IDDI – University of Francisco de Vitoria – Spain Ashraf is an accredited coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF) – USA He is also a freelance writer and author of “الكلام على ايه “book.

Deena El Mahdy

Title of the talk: "Architecture and the nature beyond your lens"

Deena is an architect, assistant lecturer and a PhD candidate at Cairo University, architectural engineering department. She got her master and bachelor from the same university. She had always a passion in learning new technology that linking the past with present and future by some interactive ways. The lack of the academic and practice field let her concentrate on documenting culture heritage by virtual techniques to increase the users’ interactivity. In addition to her interests in virtual and augmented reality as an interactive tool in museums and archaeological sites due to her MSc.

Mahmoud Farouk

Title of the talk: "Maslow's Hierarchy of needs"

Mahmoud Mohamed Farouk is one of the passionate senior students at 6th of October STEM High School, he was born in 1999. He has an interest in various sciences generally. However, he has a special regard for human psychology. Since he was a kid, he has always wondered how people think and has been astonished by the fluency of body language. Appreciating and believing in the power of human relationships and psychological effects on them, Farouk presents a way to look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs from a different perspective.

Ahmed Abo Elsaod

Title of the talk: "community Development"

Ahmed is an electrical engineer with +12 years’ experience in community development, after shifting his career from the technical field, he was passionate about developing the community via engineering. Ahmed is working as Corporate Communication Section Head, CSR Acting Manager at TEData beside being the Executive Chairman of IEEE Young Professionals Egypt. Before that Ahmed worked in many positions related to project management, innovation and entrepreneurship support.

Tamer Ahmed

Title of the talk: "what is the blockchain technology"

Tamer is a serial entrepreneur, a researcher, and a geek. He has +20 years of experience in the telecommunication field and has worked for Sprint (USA) and Orange (Egypt). He had also led many teams to achieve world-recognized products like Internet for all, the winner of best telecommunication service in Africa-Com 2012. Tamer led the first technical team in Orange Major Service Center in 2004 and was able to handle the global operations for installation support, leading the center to grow from less than 100 team members to more than 1500 members. Tamer had founded 6 startups in the technology domain and He is currently leading Future Tech Lab, a new accelerator program for Artificial Intelligence to fund new startups in this domain and help create an eco-system of innovation.

Hossam Kandeel

Title of the talk: "Successful leadership for a bright future"

Hossam Kandeel, born in Cairo – 1973. He holds a Masters degree in International Business from Maastricht School of Management & a Bachelor of Science degree from Cairo University (Electronics & Communications). He has contributed to several roles with multinational corporations – on regional & global levels – in Technology Sales/marketing and in Organization Strategy/Change/Development. He has also worked with entrepreneurship in several roles as startups founder, executive & mentor. Hossam currently works in Egypt as Vice President Sales & Business Development in Ericsson (A global leader of Telecommunications Industry).

Ammar Abdulraheem

Title of the talk: "through your childhood"

Ammar is an 18-year-old high school student, enrolled in STEM high school. He loves games and volunteers as a game developer in IEEE HSB. In addition, he is a member of the competitive college club. Ammar’s passion is to learn about everything. One of his lifelong mottos is Thomas Huxley’s Quote “Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” He is also a science and philosophy enthusiast.

Abdelfattah El Sharkawy

Title of the talk: "Global Market Demands"

Abdelfattah El Sharkawy is the operations manager of EngineeiusTM Egypt, an international company operating in USA, Canada, Dubai, and Egypt. EngineeiusTM develops and implements edutainment programs for K-12 children, exploring themes like civil, mechanical, electrical engineering, Robotics, Digital Media, Game App Programing and Math. The company’s vision is to operate in each community to deliver the tools and skills for tomorrow’s innovators and change makers, applying STEM methods to integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics along with 21st century skills like creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, productivity, presentation skills and of course learning how to learn. In addition, El Sharkawy works as a designer of multiple training manuals for managing change workshops, a seasoned strategist, and an accredited executive.

Maha Dahroug

Title of the talk: "Design Thinking"

Maha is a User Experience Designer & certified IBM Design Thinking Coach who believes that deep empathy fuels the creativity process turning a simple thought to a complete idea/product. Working “unhappily” for 12 years at IBM as a Content Strategist with a strong background in Information Architecture in which she has designed applications for varied clients in numerous countries while supporting a diverse list of industries. When she heard about the interactive Experience department at IBM she decided to take the move to the department specializing in user experience design where she applied her passion for understanding the user needs and attention to details, empathizing on ultimately creating the appealing user experience in the digital transformation domain.

Esmo Eh?

Title of the performance: "Mine"

“Esmo eh..?” Is an independent theatre company which strives to portray simplicity in the artistic expression of contemporary societal variables surrounding humans. They have won many awards such as coming in the first place in the mime festival that was held in Elsawy culture wheel in 2017.


Title of the performance: "Tap Dance"

Danzone studio is a professional dance school in Cairo, Egypt that offers classes in different dance styles such as tap dancing, ballet, hip hop, contemporary and break dance. They are going to add uniqueness to the content we aim to provide through performing a tap-dancing show.

Dalia Ihab

Title of the performance: "Acapella"

[email protected] brings you an interesting performance by Dalia Ihab Younis; the artist behind the 2-million-views classical version of “Ali ya Ali”. Dalia will be accompanied by her team for an unforgettable music experience using a type of singing called a Capella where the musical instruments are replaced with human voices.
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